Trailer Touchdown: Hard-hitting Amazon Prime docuseries The Last Narc explores truth behind Narcos-fame DEA agent Kiki Camerana's murder

Trailer Touchdown: Hard-hitting Amazon Prime docuseries The Last Narc explores truth behind Narcos-fame DEA agent Kiki Camerana's murder
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Amazon Prime Video is poised to premiere a hard-hitting documentary series that promises to uncover the truth behind Narcos-fame DEA agent Kiki Camarena's abduction, torture and murder. The docu-series is called 'The Last Narc' and its trailer, which released this morning, proves that the series will be grim and gripping as nothing before. 

The Last Narc is a true-crime documentary, which unravels the truth behind the shocking incidents that took place all those years ago, resulting in Kiki Camarena's murder. The DEA agent was at the crux of uncovering the truth behind the proliferation of the Mexican drug cartels, and the alleged complicity of people in high places in the U.S. who were protecting these drug cartels. But before he could out the truth, he was abducted and murdered in a brutal fashion. 

 The entire sordid saga was captured in Narcos: Mexico, a Netflix series that is a filmed account of the notorious drug cartels of Mexico and their the rise and fall. Michael Peña (of Ant-man fame) played Kiki Camarena in the series. Narcos: Mexico however, does not show the actual truth behind Camarena's murder. 

That truth is uncovered by The Last Narc, in four, hard-hitting episodes. And it uncovers the truth through extensive interviews with special agent Hector Berellez, who was tasked with finding out what actually happened to Camarena, and with the three Guadalajara Cartel insiders – former drug lord bodyguards who turned approver in the case, and helped Berellez find out the spine-chilling truth behind Camarena’s torture and murder.

The Last Narc also features interviews with Camarena’s widow, adding the emotional angle to the series and its grim, horrifying reality. The series also lays bare the blatant cover-up behind Camarena's murder, a cover-up that's been going on since the three and a half decades after he was murdered. 

Director of The Last Narc Tiller Russell hopes that with the screening of the Amazon Prime Video documentary series, and with new light being shed on the case of Kiki Camarena's murder, it will smash the cover-up and lead to the truth being finally revealed. 

The Last Narc premieres on Amazon Prime Video on 15th May. 

Here's the official synopsis from Amazon Prime Video - 

"In the Amazon Original The Last Narc, former cartel insiders divulge the bone-chilling details behind the notorious murder and kidnapping of DEA Agent “Kiki” Camarena. Through never before seen interviews, this four-part docuseries will unravel the story of Camarena, the drug cartel he infiltrated, and the narc who risked everything to discover the truth."

And here's the official trailer - 

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