Trailer Touchdown: Ekattor: Blends a fast-paced love and crime drama with the iconic 1971 War

Trailer Touchdown: Ekattor: Blends a fast-paced love and crime drama with the iconic 1971 War
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Hoichoi TV has certainly upped the ante in the realm of digital content, by bringing to the fore narratives that are decidedly different from the humdrum fare being churned out by OTT platforms. And judging by the recently released trailer of Hoichoi's next web series, Ekattor, it too promises to be as diverse and different from the competition as its predecessors. The trailer gives a juicy inkling to audiences of what they can expect when the series finally arrives on the streaming platform. 
Ekattor is a tale of crime and love, with the 1971 Bangladeshi war of independence looming large in the background, painting the narrative in its unique strokes of bravura and bravado. Crime takes the forefront in this story, but love catches up soon after, lending twists and turns to the premise, compelling the leads to dodge bullets and fight goons to safeguard their love. Underlying political aspects add a feeling of urgency and an element of danger to the plot. 
The trailer points to the overall quality of production, which comes across as top-notch. The fast-paced montage of shots flits quickly by, hinting at a compelling story, thereby piquing the interest of viewers to watch further and to make sense of the intriguing happenings in the trailer. 
The cast, a mix of Indian and Bangladeshi actors, seems perfectly in sync with the narrative. Ekattor stars Mostofa Monowar, Iresh Zaker, Nushrat Tisha, Rafiath Rashid, Tariq Anam Khan, Shatabdi Wadud and Deepanwita Martin in vital roles. Tanim Noor has directed the series. 
Ekattor is slated to drop on Hoichoi TV on 26th March. Check out the trailer of the series.

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