Trailer Touchdown: Instagraamam: Mridul Nair promises a rollicking fun web series

Trailer Touchdown: Instagraamam: Mridul Nair promises a rollicking fun web series
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The 2018 coming-of-age drama B. Tech became not only a theatrical success but a cult favourite amongst the youth. And now the director, Mridul Nair, is presenting another fresh and youthful tale with his brand new web series ‘Instagraamam.’ The teaser of the upcoming show was released on Youtube on 17 July.

In Instagraamam, we are introduced to the strange land of Andippara, a tranquil and serene island which is yet untouched by the perils of the world. The Andippara Goddess is to be commemorated by the ‘grand gala festival,’ as it is announced to the residents. The committee members are Kaliyedathu Suku, Society Dutt, Padmarajan Andippara, and Puncture Sudhi, a collective of four quirky and weird boys. As soon as the gala is announced, the residents begin to add their own ideas of what would constitute a success (including some hilarious pop culture references), and soon enough, everything starts to go haywire in this little town. The show combines elements of comedy, drama and action and promises to be quite a roller-coaster ride.

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Instagraamam stars notable Malayalam actors like Deepak Parambol, Balu Verghese, Arjun Ashokan, Ganapathy, Subhish Sudhi and Sabumon. It is co-written by Nair and J Ramakrishna Kulur, and produced by Dr Leena S. The final release date and details on the streaming partner is yet to be announced.

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