Trailer Touchdown: Kaasai

Love entangled amidst societal brutality

Richard Mahesh -

Trailer Touchdown: Kaasai

Such stories are no new to Indian cinema. We have come across a myriad of such movies that establish a beautiful love story set against the backdrops of brutal societal gestures involving caste. The trailer of Kasaai brings forth yet another tale of a similar paradigm, where we find a young innocent boy and girl are in love unaware about the consequences, they are about to face from their respective families and society they live in. The trailer builds up the intensity without involving more action, but still, we can feel the gruesomeness that the lead characters might be facing. With the politics, election and prestige involved, the fate of this couple is tested with trials and tribulations. Well, we need to wait and watch if it’s going to be a happy ending or a tragic one. The performances of Mita Vasiht and Richa Meena are the greatest cherry picks we can expect from the movie. Written by Charan Singh Pathik, Kaasi is directed and produced by Gajendra Shrotriya, the film is scheduled for premiering from October 23, 2020, onwards on ShemarooMe Box Office.

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