Trailer Touchdown: Leyla Everlasting

A delicious black comedy about marriage, adultery...and accidental murders

Rony Patra -

Trailer Touchdown: Leyla Everlasting

Adem and Leyla are a middle-aged couple who have been married for years, but their marriage is now stuck in a rut. They seek the advice of a marriage counsellor, Nergis. Unknown to Leyla, however, Adem begins a torrid affair with Nergis. Nergis wants to settle down with Adem and therefore encourages him to divorce Leyla, but Leyla has no intention of doing the same. Adem then tries to get Leyla killed by accident....but Leyla keeps surviving each accident. Will Leyla’s luck runs out, or will Adem and Nergis be caught?
Directed by Ezel Akay, this Turkish black comedy stars Haluk Bilginer, Demet Akbag, Elcin Sangu and others.

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