Trailer Touchdown: Lips Don’t Lie

An erotic thriller anthology exploring love, lust and complexities of the human mind

Rony Patra -

Trailer Touchdown: Lips Don’t Lie

Can relationships always be a smooth journey? Can love always be second-guessed? Lips Don’t Lie certainly seems to make the point in its trailer that love cannot be planned. Lust, too, is an unknown quantity. And perhaps, the biggest truth about the heart is that it’s needs and wants are highly unpredictable. 
Made up of four different stories, this erotic thriller anthology has been directed by Madhur Agarwal. The cast includes Shishir Sharma, Rachel White, Tanuj Virwani, Kunwar Amar, Gireesh Sahdev, Chirag Bajaj, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Paromita Dey and others.
Lips Don’t Lie premieres on October 25, 2020 only on Gemplex.

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