Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's Mrs Serial Killer seems as evocative and enticing

Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's Mrs Serial Killer seems as evocative and enticing
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Netflix has just released the trailer of its next Indian Original movie, Mrs Serial Killer. The premise of the movie seems decidedly different, with Jacqueline Fernandez playing a slightly edgy but wholly determined woman who will do anything to save her husband from the gallows. 

Jacqueline portrays Shona Mukherjee, wife of Mrutanjoy Mukherjee, played by Manoj Bajpayee. Her husband is accused of the murders of six college-going girls and put into jail, and the only way she can hope to prove him innocent is by carrying out a copycat murder to establish that the actual murderer is still out there somewhere. Interestingly, the actual killer tortures his victims before murdering them. And Shona is ready to do even that for the sake of her husband. 

It seems a fool-proof plan, except for one hitch - the doggedly determined police officer, played by Mohit Raina, who, apparently, has seen through Shona's ploy. Of all three primary characters, it is Mohit Raina's character that leaves a lasting impact, even though Jacqueline's is the meatier role. He's larger-than-life and enigmatic, with his incomprehensible expressions. 

The trailer makes it amply clear that the movie's production values are top-notch and mounted on a scale to rival a big-screen production. 

Also, the premise, as apparent in the trailer is quite unlike anything we've seen in a long time. Mrs Serial Killer is poised to be a gripping psychological thriller, which there's a woeful lack of, in the Hindi content space. 

Noted filmmaker Farah Khan is the producer of Mrs Serial Killer, while Shirish Kunder is its director. 

Mrs Serial Killer premieres on Netflix on 1st May 2020. 

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