Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's The Half of It has all the elements of an engaging teen coming-of-age dramedy

Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's The Half of It has all the elements of an engaging teen coming-of-age dramedy
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The trailer for Netflix's upcoming teen film 'The Half of It' is out and it already has netizens in an excited tizzy, especially the teen kinds. It's a love triangle with a difference, and it has grabbed attention like few Netflix Original movies in recent times. 

The premise centres on Ellie Chu, an introverted Asian-American girl who earns her own money by writing essays for other kids at school. She's often teased for her surname, her schoolmates call out 'Hey Chu-chu," in her vicinity, and she has no 'friends', so to speak. 

Ellie is approached by popular school jock Paul Munsky, to help him write a love letter to Aster Flores, the girl of his dreams. The two form an unlikely bond of friendship in the course of Ellie helping Paul. Paul is Ellie's first friend of sorts. But the budding friendship is jeopardised by a hitherto unknown fact - Ellie too has secretly been in love with Aster. But will the odd love triangle destroy their growing friendship? Heck, we'll just have to wait for the movie to release, to find out what happens finally. 

It is a poignant, deeply touching film that hits the chords of one's heart. As the tagline of the movie says 'Not every love story is a romance'. The movie explores the growing connection between Ellie Chu and Paul Munsky, making one feel all the feels when it comes to friendship and the love between friends. 

The dialogues in the film are the kind that'll stay with you for a long time. At one point in the film when Ellie and Paul are hanging out together watching a movie, Ellie says, "You know what it's like to finally meet someone your age who just gets you?" And you're completely hooked.

The movie has adopted the slow unhurried, dreamy style of filmmaking, which enhances the poignancy of the premise. The frames are beautiful, with the soft colours lending a soothing calmness to the proceedings, just like its protagonist, Ellie. 

The Half of It has been written and directed by Alice Wu. It stars Enrique Murciano, Becky Ann Baker, Leah Lewis, Catherine Curtin, Daniel Diemer, Alexxis Lemire, and Collin Chou.

The movie arrives on Netflix on 1st May. 

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