Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's upcoming Original movie 'Yeh Ballet' gives distinct Gully Boy vibes 

Trailer Touchdown: Netflix's upcoming Original movie 'Yeh Ballet' gives distinct Gully Boy vibes 

Netflix India has an interesting new Original movie coming up on its platform in ten days time. Titled 'Yeh Ballet', the movie is an angsty and uplifting narrative on two lower middle-class Mumbai boys' struggle to realise their dreams - that of being the best ballet dancer in the world.

Netflix has just released the first trailer of the upcoming movie. And truth be told, it gives distinct Gully Boy vibes. The film is about two boys from underprivileged backgrounds who have an innate gift for dance, and who are discovered by a world-famous ballet teacher. The movie is all about how the boys beat back society and family norms to gain acceptance into two renowned international ballet schools. The scenes are reminiscent of Gully Boy, except that ballet replaces rap in Yeh Ballet. Quick shots depict showdowns between one of the boys and his regressive father, the boys practising their ballet moves in unlikely situations — even while sweeping and swabbing floors; and many such montages of scenes.

The film is inspired by the true stories of Amiruddin Shah, the son of a poor Muslim welder, and Manish Chauhan, the son of a taxi driver. Manish Chauhan plays himself in the movie, albeit with the fictionalised name of Nishu, while Achintya Bose plays Asif in the movie (fictionalised character of Amiruddin). Julian Sands, of A Room With A View fame, plays the ballet teacher of international repute. Jim Sarbh, Danish Husain and Kalyanee Mulay feature in prominent roles in Yeh Ballet.

The crew of the movie boasts legit Bollywood pedigree. Sooni Taraporevala, director of Little Zizou (2008) and screenplay writer of Salaam Bombay (1988), Such a Long Journey (1998) and The Namesake (2006), directs Yeh Ballet. Ankur Tewari has given the all-important music for the movie. Shiamak Davar, Cindy Claes and Vitthal Patil are the distinguished choreographers. Lastly, the movie is backed by consummate producer, Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Yeh Ballet releases on Netflix on 21 February.

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