Trailer Touchdown: Paatal Lok - An unsettling trailer for the good

Trailer Touchdown: Paatal Lok - An unsettling trailer for the good
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The trailer opens to the monologue- Yeh jo duniya hai, yeh ek nahi, teen duniya hai (This world is not one but three worlds,)” from New Delhi cop Hathi Ram Chaudhary (Jaideep Ahlawat). In Prime Video’s upcoming series, the washed-out police inspector finds the purpose of his life as he stumbles on a gruesome crime. 

The trailer opens to Chaudhary introducing us to his world which is divided into three hierarchical realms. Swarg Lok (heaven) forms the topmost tier where the gods or elite dwell and roam free. Flashes of an opulent lobby fill the screen and a red haze spreads across prime-time journalist Sanjeev Mehra’s (Neeraj Kabi) face. In the middle is dharti lok (Earth) inhabited by the common man. Dark spreads across the screen as a silhouette stows a gun in a locker. Finally, at the very bottom is paatal lok (netherworld) where the vermin fester. Hammer in hand, a man is shown stalking his prey; a scream resounds. The three worlds co-exist in perpetual chaos. It’s not until four suspects–Tope Singh (Jagjeet Sandhu), Kabir M (Aasif Khan), Mary Lyngdoh (Mairembam Ronaldo Singh) and wanted gangster Vishal Tyagi (Abhishek Banerjee)–are arrested for a failed assassination attempt on Mehra, that gives us peek into the gritty and gory world of Paatal Lok.

Paatal Lok, with a roster of top-notch talent, looks like a gripping crime drama.

Created by Sudip Sharma in association with Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films, the nine-episode series largely unfolds in modern-day Uttar Pradesh while exploring the interplay between the four estates of modern democracy. The neo-noir crime drama also stars Gul Panag and Swastika Mukherjee. Directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy, Paatal Lok will start airing from 15 May. 


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