Trailer Touchdown: Seriously Single - Seriously the same, usual Love story!

Jeya Suriya -

Trailer Touchdown: Seriously Single - Seriously the same, usual Love story!
As we already reported, Netflix's list of titles slated to release gets bigger and bigger. After the South African Web Series, they have advertised now to release their original film - Seriously Single.
Looking at the trailer the plot is set in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it narrates us the tale of the serial monogamist Dineo (Fulu Mugovhani), where she navigates herself to the modern-day dating experience alongside her best friend and partner in crime, the commitment-phobe Noni (Tumi Morake). When Dineo acquaints with Lunga (Bohang Moeko) who looks to be the gentleman of her fantasies, she starts to reveal what she aspires in life and love, as Noni unwinds her narrative with Max (Yonda Thomas), the cafe owner with a heart of gold. The beautifully comedic catastrophes of Dineo and Noni displays the magnificent potential of having powerful bonds.
On a serious note, this film gives us a deja-vu of the blockbuster Indian series "Four More Shots Please". The trailer looks decent with the pro-feministic angle and we hope the film does not go overboard on that. Looking at the film from a global audience's perspective, this film would be just another mediocre entertainer. 
This Netflix's captivating South African Rom-Com Seriously Single features popular names such as Fulu Mugovhani, Tumi Morake, Bohang Moeko, and Yonda Thomas, and will be docked to the portal on Friday 31 July 2020 across the globe. It is to be noted that on the premiere day, rom-com fans worldwide can look forward to watching the film in an extensive virtual watch party. The lead actors Fulu, Tumi, Bohang, and Yonda will be joined by co-stars in celebration as the world salutes black excellence.

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