Trailer Touchdown: Shrikant Bashir

Sony LIV’s ‘Shrikant Bashir’ looks like an uninspired action thriller

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Trailer Touchdown: Shrikant Bashir
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Sony LIV is on a roll. After the success of Scam 1992 and A Simple Murder, their next original series is a show called ‘Shrikant Bashir,’ an action thriller about two Indian Intelligence officers who join forces to catch a dangerous terrorist group.

The trailer for the show was released earlier today, and frankly, we’re a tad bit disappointed. Shrikant and Bashir are polar opposites and we assume that their rivalry which will eventually turn into camaraderie might be the hook of the show. But other than that, the main mystery they are out to solve seems a bit… repetitive. A radical terrorist group is planning to unleash the deadly Ebola virus into the country. And an Indian politician is helping them along the way to use the strife between Muslims and Hindus (the terrorist group is Islamic, unfortunately) to further his career. Most of the scenes in the trailer which show the Intelligence officers trying to unravel the crime and catch the bad guys is reminiscent of what we’ve seen before. But perhaps Shrikant and Bashir may still be a symbol of unity and peace. That’s something we’d have to wait and watch. 

Shrikant Bashir stars Rishi Negi, Gashmeer Mahajani, Mantramugdh, Yudhishtir Singh, Ashmita Jaggi, Pooja Gor and Kunal Pant. It premieres on December 11, 2020. 


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