Trailer Touchdown: Space Force: May the FORCE be with Netflix!

Trailer Touchdown: Space Force: May the FORCE be with Netflix!
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A decorated four-star General Mark R.Naird (Steve Carell) is tasked by the white house to put the American boots on the moon. Naird who have always have dreamt of running the Air force under his command gets shifted to run the military‘s new sixth branch. 
Naird is skeptical but is a dedicated officer. He moves to a remote base in Colorado along with a group of scientists. But the team is rushed to put the plan in motion sooner to achieve total dominance.
The highlights of the series are its cast. Lisa Kudrow will be playing Carell’s wife. But when you add John Malkovich to the equation we’re truly in for a treat. Also, the series features the last television performance of stupendous comedian Fred Willard, who recently passed away on 15th May, 2020.
If you’re wondering where you have heard the name “Space Force”, let me jog your memory. It’s based on President Trump’s recently launched military branch of the same name.
The series is created by the makers of “The Office”. Greg Daniel and Steve Carell come together once again to tickle the funny bone. The series will be streaming on Netflix from May 29th, 2020.

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