Trailer Touchdown: The Liberator

A dash of animation to tales of heroism during World War II

Rony Patra -

Trailer Touchdown: The Liberator

Captain Felix Sparks decides to escape from the army hospital after having nearly died on the battlefield, and then goes back to the battlefield in order to fight alongside his fellow countrymen. The trailer for The Liberator shows off Felix's letter to his wife Mary, asking her to remember him in case he does not come back, even as he fights alongside a group that belongs to diverse communities.
Based on Alex Kershaw's The Liberator: One World War II Soldier's 500 Day Odyssey, the animated series has been directed by Jeb Stuart, and features a voice cast led by Bradley James, who voices the character of Felix.
The Liberator premieres on November 11, 2020 only on Netflix.


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