Trailer Touchdown: The Prom

Ryan Murphy's musical looks glowing with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.

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Trailer Touchdown: The Prom

Netflix is all set to launch its adaptation of the Broadway musical named ‘The Prom’. The movie goes by the same name and stars Meryl Steep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman and others. The film will be released during the holiday season and is expected to be an elite show.
The plot revolves around the stage stars Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman, portrayed by Streep and Corden respectively who have just gone through an expensive Broadway loss. Soon after this, they hear about a high-school student, Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman) who has been prohibited from attending her school prom along with her girlfriend (Ariana DeBose). In order to revive their public images, they travel along with cynical actors Angie and Trent (Kidman and Andrew Rannells respectively). Together, they strive hard to provide Emma with a memorable prom where everyone is welcome to join.
The film is directed by Ryan Murphy with the screenplay done by Broadway members Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin. It’s going to be a fun and fantastic ride and the wait for this film is intense.


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