Trailer Touchdown: Torbaaz

Sanjay Dutt's Netflix release merges cricket and terrorism on one plate!

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Trailer Touchdown: Torbaaz
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Netflix has been upping its game with respect to Hindi releases, and another big one is about to hit the platform on December 11th. Sanjay Dutt's Torbaaz has now been confirmed by the streaming giant for its release, and the team have dropped the trailer for everybody's viewing now. 
The film's unique plot is set in a refugee camp, where young kids are forced to become suicide bombers for the terrorists who plan to wreak havoc all around. Sanjay Dutt comes in as a man with a mission to save the children from the horror, as he plans to conduct a cricket tournament and divert their attention away from what they should not be doing. The film showcases Dutt's struggles with the leadership group of the terrorist gang, and how he will successfully train a group of young talents and make them win against all the odds. 
Torbaaz has nicely combined the sport we all love with the terrorism backdrop which has been seen in many movies previously. Though the conversations between the elderly men do look a little cliched, the cricket in the film could really light it up. With a solid cast that also consists of Rahul Dev and Nargis Fakhri, Torbaaz could stand tall as one of the interesting OTT releases next month. Let's see what it holds as it comes to Netflix on the 11th. 

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