Trailer Touchdown: Totally Under Control

A shocking account of the US government's failure to curb COVID-19

Rony Patra -

Trailer Touchdown: Totally Under Control

As the news of COVID-19 broke across the world, the US government, under the leadership of Donald Trump, kept denying the severity of the virus, even as over 200,000 people lost their lives. This was in sharp contrast to many other countries.

In order to analyse where things went wrong, directors Alex Gibney, Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger conducted secret interviews with top scientists, doctors and policymakers, some of whom were involved in the White House, and compiled them into a documentary. As the controversial trailer shows, these interviews are explosive in nature, exposing the inertia and delusions of the current US president.

Totally Under Control premieres on December 11, 2020, only on Hulu.

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