Trailer Touchdown: Turu Love

In the quest for a diamond ring, a young man finds himself

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Trailer Touchdown: Turu Love
Movie Rated

Aritra, a young man and the heir to his father's construction business, wants to gets married. He likes a girl named Tiyasha, and takes his parents to her home for advancing the idea of marriage. However, Tiyasha rejects him, saying that he has no idea how to woo a girl, and tells him he can't even afford to earn himself to get a diamond ring for her. Hurt at this, Aritra decides to set out to Kolkata and earn his own living, and make enough money to propose to Tiyasha with a diamond ring. With the help of a friend, Pritha, Aritra gets closer to his dream of finding the ring. But is he looking for happiness in the right direction, or does fate have something else in store?
Directed by Abhijit ChowdhuryTuru Love stars Rishav Basu, Rajnandini Paul, Ushasi Ray, Sumit Samaddar and Pinki Banerjee. The series releases on Hoichoi on February 12, 2021.

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