Trailer Touchdown: Unkahee: Are you ready for a lockdown-based whodunnit?

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Trailer Touchdown: Unkahee: Are you ready for a lockdown-based whodunnit?
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After Eros Now’s riveting crime drama, Halahal, which just released earlier this week, the streaming company is ready to make its mark with yet unique mystery called ‘Unkahee.’ The trailer of the whodunnit released earlier today, and we’re already hooked.
The film begins with the news that eleven corpses have been found over the course of a year at a metro station in Delhi, and the police suspect it to be the work of a serial killer. A senior officer then puts six key suspects in a dingy garage, with all the possible evidence, and asks them to discuss the case and decide on one killer at the end. Only 12 hours are given before one of the quirky characters will be deemed guilty. Hatke, indeed. 
One will have to wait until 26 September before Unkahee unravels. The film is produced by Priti Rathi Gupta and directed by debutante Anushree Mehta, and boasts of a cast of well-known names like Hiten Tejwani, Sehban Azim, Anupriya Goenka, Ayushman Saxena, Ashwin Mishra, Ravi Khemu, and Ashok Pandit. 
"Unkahee, the film unveils the mysteries and the series of murders taking place in Delhi. The several twists and turns in the plot enticed me to be a part of the crime-thriller and It was a fascinating experience and fun shooting and exploring this genre in a short format," said Tejwani. 
Anupriya Goenka also shared, "Unkahee was a really intriguing short film to work on.  I'm glad that I got the opportunity to work with Eros Now. We have put in a lot of effort. The story will surely keep the audience glued to their seats."
Unkahee is an Eros Now Original all set to premiere on 26 September 2020.


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