Trailer Touchdown: What We Wanted

A minimalistic drama on cards, on the topics of intimacy and infertility!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Trailer Touchdown: What We Wanted

Netflix has a great library of films from across the globe, and coming soon to their armour is Ulrike Kolfer's indie drama in What We Wanted. The film stars Lavinia Wilson and Elyas M'barek as a couple who are struggling to conceive a child and decide to take a break from all the worries by taking a vacation in Sardinia. However, once they get there, the couple run into a near-perfect family and start pointing out the differences between them, and in between themselves as well. 
With the film being set in a location such as Sardinia, there is no dearth for good visuals which are present in the entirety of the trailer. The story of the film is given to us on a plate with the emotional baggage also teased in, but there still is something left to be seen as the couple breakaway with quarrels between them. 
This sure does seem like a good film to watch for those who love intense dramas, and we will get to know more about it as we go towards the release on the 11th of November. 

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