Trailer Touchdown: With a mix of comedy and thrill, 4 Thieves promises a great beginning for Watcho

Trailer Touchdown: With a mix of comedy and thrill, 4 Thieves promises a great beginning for Watcho
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Dish TV's digital content app, Watcho, recently released the trailer of its upcoming web series, 4 Thieves, on its YouTube channel, Lets Watcho. And the trailer succeeds in giving audiences an inkling of what to expect when the show releases on Watcho. 

The trailer gives out enough of the premise to tell us that the series is poised to be an entertaining watch. Three naive friends are set up by a fourth mutual friend to pull off an outrageous heist - rob the warehouse of an art gallery of its valuable paintings, 125 paintings in all. 

The mastermind of the plot is Vicky (Gagan Arora), who ropes in the three friends, Puneet (Keshav Sadhna), Ruskie (Saif Ansari) and Bunty (Nazim Qureshi), to rob the paintings. He's got all the details in place and manages to convince them that pulling off the robbery will be a cakewalk. 

But here's the twist - the friends don't know that Vicky is pulling a fast one on them. He's plotting something else - the trailer doesn't give away what. But we get the feeling that the three friends are about to be duped spectacularly. 

The trailer is replete with scenes of the friends' goofy, amateurish attempts at carrying out a robbery of this magnitude. All four actors are fresh, courtesy not having had much exposure in the OTT space. They, therefore, bring a certain candour and vulnerability to their roles, as well as refreshing charm. Not being very well known names in the digital medium works more in favour of the actors than against - they have the chance to surprise viewers with their charm, wit, and of course, their acting chops. With what we get to see of the four in the trailer, it looks like we're in for a pleasant surprise.

The series seems like good, clean fun — no dark edginess to it or overt sensuality, as is the norm in the current Indian web entertainment domain. The bumbling robbery scenes are good for laughs, the craziness and madness is palpable in the frames, while the story is different from the usual fare one gets to see on OTT. 

Dish TV has made an aggressive foray into the OTT content space by creating original content to stream on its digital content app, Watcho. Let's hope 4 Thieves is worth the effort. 

The series is streaming on  Watcho App.

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