Transparent (2020)

Transparent (2020)
Platform : Youtube (Rishab Shetty Films)
Language : Kannada
Synopsis : The short film is all about the transformation of Harshitha to Harshith. Harshitha while growing up realizes her gender expression has inclined towards the opposite sex. The emphasis is given on how she feels, the struggles faced and social discrimination. This path of confusion which at end helps her transform. Yes, this transformation is for his good.
Cast : Rakshith, Harshitha, Salman Ahmed, Priya Tarun, Ramanna
Directors : Prasad kanteerava
Producer/s : Priya Tarun
Cinematographer (DoP) : Anil Kumar V
Production House : Trinetra Film Factory
Music : Girish Hothur

Movie Duration (minutes) : 8
Digital Premiere Date : June 12, 2020

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