Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly review - A memorable roller coaster ride

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly review - A memorable roller coaster ride
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Netflix documentary Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly can act as the perfect definition of an on-screen roller-coaster ride. It begins predictably with a braided Travis saying, ‘I feel at some point in life, you just have to be extreme.’ I wasn’t aware of Travis Scott much but after one and half hours of this documentary, I understood how everything stands like an obvious metaphor for his life in the past few years. Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly has attempted to film the mindless madness, the energy that runs through the veins of Travis Scott. Ranveer Singh, if you are reading this, let us tell you, we are so willing to see you compete in a game of madness with this superstar. The documentary had framed the movement and madness of Travis Scott’s approach at musical concerts and live shows. It’s as if an invisible electric current was accidentally switched on and as he warned at the beginning of his documentary, you are going to witness the extreme. Scott has created a new culture, a community that looks upto him. He has given the ignored ones a sense of belongingness with his artistic performances. There’s a moment when Scott says, “Before I leave I just want to leave the whole world inspired. I just want to leave a trail of inspiration.” Trail? If anything this 84 minutes film introduced me to a new kind of madness hailing for Scott. If he wants to leave a trail of inspiration, he has reached the zenith of his ambition. From his life in Missouri City to his on-screen, direct interactions, this is a movie that will remain deeply etched. Rating: 3/5 (Watch the documentary on Netflix here)

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