Trial 4 Review

An informative docuseries that looks at a real-life happening in detail!

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Trial 4 Review
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Trial 4 is the next docuseries from Netflix, examining a serious case that took place in 1993. The series has eight episodes in total.

What is the story about?

Trial 4 tells us the story of Sean K. Ellis, who was charged as a teen in the 1993 killing of a cop in Boston. Over the course of four trials, Ellis fights to prove his innocence facing harsh realities such as corruption, hard-boiled cops and racism.


At the surface, the story of what actually happened in Trial 4 might look like something small, but the series truly paves the way to the entire set of events that took place in the whole process. The main thing that is concentrated in here is the amount of homework that took place before the entire process of filming events started, as there is so much to prove every point that the series brings forward. Over the course of eight episodes, Trial 4 tries to squeeze in as much as information possible and gets over the line because of its well-planned structure and the ability to keep audiences invested in the process. There’s also a certain level of clarity that is attained in the series on the whole, be it the understanding of the system and the loopholes that it has as well.


The fact that the series is well loaded with facts and figures and an exact representation of what actually happened out there makes it an important one in the armour of Netflix.



The series gets a little too congested in the middle as there is a lot of information to process, and the emotional angle is completely left out of the fray.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. It was very informative and there is indeed a lot of work behind it.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you think you can withstand the information that is about to be unloaded, then this is worth a watch.


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