Tryst With Destiny (2021) Review

An unbiased, forceful portrait of India now

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Tryst With Destiny (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Four different stories see various people come to terms with discrimination and obstacles, and their struggle to break free.


Anthology shows on Indian OTT platforms have been largely missing the mark thanks to a variety of storytelling voices, but Tryst With Destiny comes as a breath of fresh air. Prashant Nair turns his astute focus on contemporary Indian realities, mining social hypocrisies for investing his protagonists with make-or-break moments. Tackling diverse themes from caste discrimination to man-animal conflicts could have been a Herculean task for most filmmakers, but Nair grounds his subjects in realism and humanity. The beauty of the writing lies in the fact that all four stories could also be fables about humanity if taken out of India: such is their universal nature. Nair's job is also made easier by the fact that he is aided in this endeavour by a hugely-talented ensemble cast, which brings his kaleidoscopic vision to life. Get a chair, and binge this show. It's one of the best this year, if not the best.


Ashish Vidyarthi stuns as the ruthless Mudiraj, whose fascination for fair skin is only eclipsed by his unscrupulousness and polish, while Suhasini Maniratnam offers good support. Amit Sial and Geetanjali Thapa try to make the most of an underwritten story as Bhau and Neelam. Vineet Kumar Singh and Kani Kusruti shine in the story on caste discrimination, using their eyes to convey their helplessness. Jaideep Ahlawat is solid in his turn as a crooked police inspector.

Music & Other Departments

Avinash Arun's cinematography becomes a character in this anthology, with all episodes lensed very well. The background score is hauntingly apt.


The performances from the entire cast elevate this show.


The episode highlighting the man-eater could have been better scripted.

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