Turu Love Review

Taalpatar Shepai's song is the only bright spot in this average Bengali romcom

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Turu Love Review
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What is the story about?

Aritra, the rich scion of a Durgapur-based construction magnate, is slated to marry Tiyasha. Tiyasha wants to get married to Aritra, as her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kuntal does not want to commit. However, when Tiyasha realizes that Aritra has no independence of his own and lives off his parents, she challenges Aritra to buy a diamond ring for her and propose to her on Valentine's Day. Dejected, Aritra decides to look for a job in Kolkata. With the help of Brinda, his landlady's niece, Aritra works hard and earns money. But can he win Tiyasha's heart, or does fate have something else in store for him?


It would be wrong to think of Turu Love as a web series. Sponsored by a well-known jewellery brand for Hoichoi, this show is, to be more honest, a five-episode commercial. The hallowed studios of Tollygunge have churned out many memorable romcoms over the decades--from Shaare Chuattor to Cross Connection--and the reason they do so well on television and streaming is because the romance and homour always felt fresh in them. This show, however, sets its ambitions far lower, and even then, it plods along. The humour feels missing, the dialogues sometimes get so awkward you keep rolling your eyes, and the story in the show seems to be have written by the same toddler who appears in the viral meme that this show is named after. Also, the show's obsession with its empty-headed hero seems to obscure the fact that the woman he's pining for is constantly gaslit and taken advantage of by her boyfriend. Then again, if this show really went out of its way to address that theme, would it even count as a commercial anymore? For a show that's billed as a Valentine's Day special, director Abhijit Chowdhury and writer Arkadeep Nath ensure that only the sponsor remains the eternal turu love.


The three leads in the show appear disinterested in the proceedings. Rishav Basu goes over-the-top at times as Aritra. It's clearly an inspired casting choice, because you're never quite sure whether he's a good actor who's performing terribly, or a bad one just going through the motions. Rajnandini Paul is unconvincing as Tiyasha, and you struggle to make an emotional connect with her character's internal confusion. Ushasi Ray, as Brinda, still provides a glimmer of hope, but she is severely constrained by the material she has to work with. It falls to veterans Sumit Samaddar and Pinky Banerjee, who provide the laughs and advice as elder tenant Birupaksha and landlady Damini.

Music & Other Departments

Debasish Banerjee's cinematography is all right, though he tends to go overboard with the overhead shots at times. Amir Mondal's editing is all right. Subho Pramanik and Kuntal De's background score is average. However, the real winner in this show is Taalpatar Shepai's song Ogochhalo Mon.


Taalpatar Shepai's music is the only notable aspect of the show.


If you've seen the trailer, you know right from the beginning the events that are likely to take place. There is no newness in the proceedings.

Did I enjoy it?

It's just about okay for Valentine's Day. But I don't think I'll see it again.

Do I recommend it?

You'll get better stuff than this. If you're craving for good Bengali romcoms, you can always catch them on YouTube. Watch this if you have absolutely nothing to do.

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