Twosome Review – For those you really want to punish

Twosome Review – For those you really want to punish
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Gemplex released just another Original, titled, Twosome recently. The seven-part series is a romantic-adult comedy, starring Rishabh Raj Mehrotra and Preet Kunwar Choudhry. It is believed the series had premiered at Marche Du Films Cannes Festival 2019 too. The series is about ‘Dharam (Rishabh Raj Mehrotra) and Victoria (Preet Kunwar Choudhry) getting stuck in a flat for an entire night. Some of the most mysterious things unfold in the course of the night in a manner that is immature yet hilarious! However, I wonder how? The start of the episode is met with Dharam buttering his boss to the best of his ability. Well, Most of us do that, and somehow when we all want the Vitamin M, the hacks just seem to magically appear right in front of our eyes. So why waste 10 mins trying to establish that you’re the pet poodle of your boss? After this, Dharam is shown complaining of the heat and making a complete fool of himself by talking to himself. The jokes are so blah! Seriously, if a sanitary napkin is so useful to keep your insides dry, it would be better if you openly flaunted the same outside to keep perspiration at bay. At least with the aromatic properties, the man won’t have the lingering smell of sweat wafting through the environment. How annoying! And Dharam LUSTS! He lusts so raunchily that it can make you want to puke. Well, it is a comedy but some things need to be aesthetically shot. Some more effective dialogue can help improve the quality of the episode. It is hilarious how Dharam is shown kicking the air in the attempt of finding some peace with his bodily needs. The kicks were fine but the execution of was so crude. Even as Victoria makes her entry into the house she seems to be faking it to make it. I wonder if someone ever gets stuck in a situation such as this. At least no person in his or her right mind, would! Also, Victoria’s voice isn’t appealing. I could attribute this to a certain technical error. They’ve made her sound like she’s squawking. The dubbing isn’t on point, and this enhances the misery. Also, when she dresses up as an ‘Ichhadhari Nagin’ this wasn’t necessary at all. I understand the sleaze, but Victoria does not attempt feeling shy in the presence of a stranger, while Dharam is very concerned about exposing himself in front of her. Yes indeed! There is progress here of the kind one would take time to accept, and it has been portrayed in such a stark manner. The chosen languages are Hindi and English. It is great to incorporate the use of both languages, but one should ensure that the same is being appropriately used. Here, English is going for a walk in the park, as the pronunciations are abysmal. Also, the use of ‘Thee’ instead of ‘The’ is so frequent that it automatically discounts on the quality of the series. A grammar Nazi would immediately switch off on witnessing this heinous crime. The cast and crew should be consciously aware that they are on the web, which automatically puts them on a global arena. Rating: 0.5/5

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