Unakoru Pen Kuzhandhai(2020)

Unakoru Pen Kuzhandhai(2020)
Platform : Shortflix
Language : Tamil
Synopsis : An usual day in Rajan's family deviates from normality when an unusual tension breaks within. Rajan, an other brick in the wall kind of police veteran faces an emotional imbalance when his morality is being questioned by the circumstance. The happiness of a so called "happy family" breaks loose when it is subjected to an individual's personal decision.
Cast : Nakkalites Shrija, Aroul D Shankar, Janaki Suresh, Bagath, KM Rahul & others
Directors : Adhavan Srinivasan
Producer/s : Gokul
Cinematographer (DoP) : Narendran Ajith
Production House : Stray Dog Productions
Music : Sreram Anand

Digital Premiere Date : June 26, 2020

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