Undone review: Inside the mind of a damaged woman

Undone review: Inside the mind of a damaged woman
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In various ways, Alma is an unusual woman, although she lives a very ordinary life. She hunts for excitement but her dull routine limits her options. She is 28 and has already started facing the mid-life crisis, that has driven her to the point where she is unable to be happy about anything new in her life. Her entire timeline changes when she gets into a massive car crash and starts seeing visions of her dead father. Right at this point of her life, she is stuck in a different loop; a part of her is stuck in the world of the living and another part of her can see the dead people on the other side. Undone remains an intimate journey of a broken woman. The animated series uses various video graphic effects and introduces us to a cinematic space, which probably would have looked a bit pretentious and hackneyed, had they not used the technique they have relied on. The Classical Hollywood film, The Wizard Of Oz plays a subtle vital role in developing the content of the story. For Halloween, Alma dresses up as Dorothy and her sister as Dorothy’s pet dog. Much like Dorothy, Alma sets out on a different journey over the rainbow in her sleep, and she is unable to find her way back home. That may be partly because unlike Dorothy, she does not want to find her way back home. A part of Alma prefers the weird time loop she is stuck in. Alma is a woman who is seriously damaged, but co-creators Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy neither glorifies it nor do they suggest her to be in isolation. They explore the conditions of her damaged mind and makes the viewer wonder, whether we are the wrongly brainwashed products of the Western Civilisation, which has made us believe that a person who can communicate in two different worlds should either be locked up or left alone in the streets. With various journeys taken by Alma, Undone remains a thought-provoking journey. Ratings: 4 stars  

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