Ungarala Rambabu

Ungarala Rambabu
Platform : SUNNXT
Language : TELUGU
Synopsis : Ram Babu (Sunil) is a rich man who loses everything after his grand father’s death. Left with no choice, he visits Badam Baba (Posani) for some solace. Upon his suggestion, Ram Babu goes to a barren land and starts planting a tree. To his luck, he finds gold biscuits worth 200 crores and he, once again becomes rich. This incident makes him a strong believer in astrology. But as time passes, he starts incurring losses in his business. Once again, the baba asks him to marry a certain girl (Miya George) in his office to become safe in life. The twist is the tale arises when Ram Babu is pit against the girl’s dad (Prakash Raj) who is a communist in nature. Rest of the story is as to how Ram Babu wins his love and becomes successful in life.
Cast : Sunil, Miya
Directors : Kranthi Madhav
Digital Premiere Date : February 7, 2020 Theater Release Date : September 15, 2017

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