Unhinged Review

A patchy yet tense thriller that is good fun while it lasts!

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Unhinged Review
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Unhinged is the latest release on ZeePlex, and is available for pay-per-view. The film stars Russell Crowe in the lead role.

What is the story about?

It all begins when a woman honks impatiently at a middle-aged stranger at a red signal. Her hurry as she gets to work is the reason behind this behavior, but little does she know that she is about to be on the receiving end of a lot of trouble from the man, whose road rage turns psychotic. The cat-and-mouse game between the two characters forms the rest of the film, as the man goes on a mission to teach the woman a lesson.


Unhinged’s plot isn’t the best one on the list, as there are a lot of shortcomings, silly stretches and some flawed decision making. But the good thing about the film is how it doesn’t give us much time to breathe, and is looking at more progress than perfection. There is a good load of fun moments throughout, and they come with the gifts of some solid action sequences that are shot very well. Despite the minimalistic setup, director Derrick Borte never pulls the plug completely and keeps the momentum going with interesting tidbits dropping at every turn. Unhinged starts off on a good note and manages to maintain the tempo for the entirety, as the film is happy to settle for a fun-filled B-movie instead of something extraordinary.


It is indeed a Russell Crowe show all the way, as the veteran manages to add a menacing mane to his character and play his part to perfection. As the film moves forward, we start to think about the ways in which his character would think and get terrified about it, and that’s the success of the acting chops that he has brought to the fore here. Caren Pistorius, Anne Leighton and the rest of the cast deliver neat contributions that do not affect the flow of the film.

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Unhinged is interestingly shot, with the road movie space giving it some cool angles to explore as the cinematographer. Technically, the film is well done but for some shabby cuts here and there.


Russell Crowe’s class act makes this worth a watch.


Some of the decision making and plot holes in the film are far from negligible, some more attention on that front would have made it a better film.

Did I enjoy it?

I have my complaints about it but it was a good time-pass nevertheless.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, this is a fair film to check out if you have 90 minutes to spend and want to have some fun.

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