Universal pulls out content from HBO Max and Netflix to promote Peacock

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Universal pulls out content from HBO Max and Netflix to promote Peacock

Universal studios has decided to remove all films that are under its banner from streamers HBO Max and Netflix in a bid to bring more subscribers to its home platform Peacock. Some of the biggest franchises like Fast and Furious, Despicable Me and Jurrasic Park are under NBCUniversal that stream on these platforms. They are one of the biggest studios making movies today; however, all of these films are currently contracted to other streaming services that Universal does not own. 

Peacock does not seem to be doing well when it comes to its subscriber base although it was launched only last year in April. As of January 2021, the company had announced that Peacock gained 33 million subs since the service launched. The number might seem a lot but not all that glitters is gold. According to a third party data analyst, about ninety percent of users only use the free tier. Another report in February suggested that only around 11.3 million households use the streaming service regularly. 

Contracts with streaming services HBO Max and Netflix over licenceship of Universal movies are only valid till this year. As reported by Bloomberg, Universal is considering ending those contracts to bring over their content to Peacock. The NBCUniversal streaming platform has a lot to gain from this decision as when major franchises come under the umbrella of the streaming platform, especially in this age of OTT boom, it would pull in subscribers. HBO Max will also not be affected much by this decision as it is owned by the Warner Bros Studios itself which has a lot of films to offer HBO Max subscribers under its tentpole. The major player that is getting affected is Netflix that is not owned by any studio and thus has major movies and series only under contracts with other big studios. It will remain to be seen if people opt for Netflix only based on thier originals itself. 

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