Unlock: The Haunted App Review: Stays locked in its fantasy bubble with a half-baked script.

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Unlock: The Haunted App Review: Stays locked in its fantasy bubble with a half-baked script.
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What is the story about?
The film follows the story of a mysterious app which grants a wish to the person who downloads and activates it. And in return, it demands unconventional favours be completed as tasks for their wish to come true. The film is directed by Debatma Mandal.

Well, I really don’t know how to put it across. But here you go; the performances were below average with no sense of expressions. Apparently the lead Hina Khan is a well-known TV serial actress and has been successful in her career. But sadly, she’s stuck with the nuances of a TV’s performances and refuses to get out of that bubble. Kushal Tandon follows her diligently. The rest of the cast Rishabh Sinha and Aditi Arya were just filling gaps to project an ensemble. Firstly, there was no scope for anyone to perform as the characters were poorly written. That being said, the performances were not up to the mark for a film which demanded more than average performances.

Unlock is heavily inspired from the west. We’ve seen many films based on this genre which tanked big time in Hollywood. Hardly a handful survived the clichéd genre. The problem was not that Unlock was inspired; the problem was that the inspiration was not put to proper use. The film felt incomplete and extremely rushed. The film runs for a solid 58 minutes. That’s right I was surprised to see a feature film on Telefilms time which is out of fad at present. There are web-series episodes that run longer than this film. Somewhere I felt this was initially meant to be a miniseries, maybe the network just dropped the idea and released it as a half baked film. Still, the subject had good scope to keep the audience hooked for 58 minutes. Sadly, the writers had something else in the mind and focused more on glamour than substance. Initially what poses as dark-web hackers take an illogical turn with no substance. One good thing about the film was it comes to an end sooner than you expected. 

Music and other Departments
The cinematography was mediocre at its best. The output was to TV and doesn’t incite the feel of watching a film. Editing was sloppy and the music was borrowed. Ultimately nothing favoured the film which could have been a saving grace. Except for the aerial shots which made me wonder if it was really Mumbai or some other country.  

Unfortunately, there is nothing which I could highlight and say, that right there is worth taking a look.

Lazy writing which was heavily inspired from the west and lacklustre performances.

Did I enjoy it?
No, I did not.

Do I recommend it and why?
I wouldn’t recommend it. 


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