Unpregnant HBO Max Movie Review- A breezy film about friendship, roadtrips and abortion rights

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Unpregnant HBO Max Movie Review- A breezy film about friendship, roadtrips and abortion rights
What is the story about?

Unpregnant follows the story of a college-aspiring 17-year-old Veronica (Haley Lu Richardson), who finds out she’s pregnant with her boyfriend. Fearing that a baby would ruin her future plans of getting into an Ivy League-list college, she asks her ex-best friend, Bailey (Barbie Ferreira), to accompany her from Missouri to New Mexico over the weekend to get an abortion, since Missouri requires parental approval for underage pregnancies. During the trip, they discover their bonding and friendship all over again.


Unpregnant opens with Veronica ill-advisedly taking a pregnancy test at school, and the discovery of the discarded test generates a burst of gossip and rumours among her mean-girl social circle. But the film’s heart lies in her relationship with Bailey, as well as her growing anger that she has to travel so far to exercise control over her own body. When she finally reaches the clinic, the film turns educationally earnest. Even though it is a standard high school comedy, it manages to surpass the average teen-dramedy films as it has a relevant point to make. It is not just about female bonding, but also about having a right over your body.


Richardson has been impressive since her role as, yes, another pregnant teen in 2014’s “The Young Kieslowski.” She expertly brings sophistication and naivette to her role as Veronica. The actress delivers several righteous rants that bring about a lot of comic relief. Ferreira too brings a lot of spunk and snarky wit to Bailey's role. The story is generic, yet the performances bring a lot of soul to it. 

Music & Other Departments

Like any other high school or teenage drama film, this film too has some contemporary songs being played in the background. The editing is decent and so is the cinematography. The dialogues could have been sharper. 


Raises a lot of points about abortion and the legal rights of teenage girls.


Has a very predictable story. For eg you know that the ex-best friends are going to rekindle their friendship by the end of the movie and that the movie will be a commentary on abortions. 

Did I enjoy it?

I enjoyed the film as it is light-hearted and even though has a social message, it isn't too preachy or in-your-face.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, watch it with your friends. Unpregnant is a buddy comedy that comes with a social message. 

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