Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 Review: Outstanding and Engaging in all aspects

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 Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 Review: Outstanding and Engaging in all aspects
Digital Premiere Date
Movie Rated


Real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.

Format: Docuseries
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Crime, Documentary
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 1 July 2020


What’s it all about?
This newly launched Docu-series brings us 6 unsolved mysterious cases across the years. This includes The Mystery on Rooftop, 13 Minutes, House of Terror, No Ride Home, Berkshires UFO and Missing Witness. The creators compile the facts through the eyes of cops, detectives, investigative journalists and individuals involved in these mysterious cases.




Even before the cyberspace would get hold of the viewers to browse through the URLs of ‘Unresolved Mysteries’, the well-renowned documentary filmmakers and investigative journalists had scrupulously worked and presented such appallingly mysterious cases in the pages of human history. From cosmopolitan countries like the USA to the sub-continental country like India, we have come across zillions of this kind. And now, with the upgraded escalation through online hubs, the job to browse, analyze and research has become easier. But what makes this series on Netflix unique and unparalleled is the way, the creators managed to collect and compile the bits and pieces of mysteries and reveal them to the world. For the devoted fans of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, which has taken its form on various platforms of satellite channels and now finally with Netflix, it’s a time to toast and get themselves indulged. From the mysterious deaths, dishevelled disappearance and of course, the closest synonymous term to ‘Mystery’, the UFOs, we find some of the cases that instil uttermost curiosities with painful emotions. Usually, such topics find an instant attraction as it can draw the audiences immediately into its world. In this aspect, ‘Unsolved Mystery’ plays a tailor-made treat, where disappointments find not even a single window to barge in. Especially, with the amazing technical work (except for the eerie signature tune for the title and closing credits, which might slightly have an impact if you’re on a binge-watch), everything looks perfect. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter or wannabe filmmaker, the first episode – Mystery on the Rooftop itself gives a huge space to conceptualize your own. I mean, there’s nothing to refer the term ‘Awe’ or ‘Surprise’, for the premises are completely about pain, anguish and sorrow. But they do live up to the expectations and even kindles the inquisitive ‘Sherlock Holmes’ when you find them too mysterious. Although you’ll find more such topics on YouTube with a major percentage of them being nothing but a replica of sources, this one is perfectly filmed encompassed with groovy technical aspects and fictional portrayals.

The artistes, who have engaged themselves into the shoes of those characters involved in the real mysterious incidents, have excellently done their portions well though minimal. All credit goes to the writers and creators, who have understood the clear picture of the real-life characters and injected the actors to be at the closest.

Technical aspects
As abovementioned in the analysis, it’s the music that takes a front seat and gives an absolute feel of mystery and eeriness. Especially, the signature tune and the way it is pictured would be a sure-footed inspiration for many filmmakers. It stands out to be an alter ego version of ‘X-Files Theme’. The next obvious element is the cinematography. In particular, the way, the creators have presented the episode involving ‘UFO’ is brilliant. It’s not an easy task to get it materialized and they need a special appreciation for this attempt.


  • Mystery on the Rooftop remains to be the best among other episodes.
  • No Ride Home gets instantly adhered to our interests, maybe for the current scenario of the racism crisis that happened in the USA.
  • Berkshires UFO and Missing Witness are additional attractions


  • As cited in our analysis column, it exhibits more of a television show, where an episode each week will have more curiosities on what’s next. However, with the new dimension of the binge-watch option, there are chances for viewers to get bored after watching 2-3 episodes.

Did I enjoy watching it?
Unquestionably yes!!!

Do I recommend it?
Yes, it works out in both aspects. For the Mystery based Docu-series buffs and ones, who are bored with too many fictional genres on OTT.



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