V Review: This Nani and Sudheer Babu starrer is a stylized shutdown!

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V Review: This Nani and Sudheer Babu starrer is a stylized shutdown!
Amazon Prime Video
Movie Rated

Format: Feature Film (Direct To OTT)
Platform: Prime Video
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Telugu
Digital Premiere Date: 5 September 2020






Being the 25th film of Nani, V is director Mohan Krishna Indraganti’s next outing, projected as a cop-vs-serial killer affair.

What is the story about?

V is the story of Vishnu, a serial killer who goes on a killing spree with a cop chasing him from ball one. The film takes off in Hyderabad, moves to Mumbai, travels to Jammu and Kashmir for the flashback and then finally culminates in Thailand. All through the film, the cop and killer play a cat and mouse game, with the former looking to nab the troublemaker while the latter goes behind his motive.


V does take off in a stylish manner, with the introduction of both the heroes taking place with a lot of slow-mo shots and BGM. But quickly after that, the film moves into a predictable path where it is not too hard to guess what is going to come in the next scene. The main problem with the film is how it is not able to hold the attention of the viewer, and banks on pretentious scenes that look brilliant to the characters onscreen but not to the audiences watching them. The second half of the film is slightly better than what we’ve seen earlier, but it doesn’t add up to much except for the stunt sequences.


Nani has a very good screen presence and manages to attract us with his style and antics, but his character is shoddily written with nothing much to offer but for the wolf whistles that the fans would have set alive in theatres. Sudheer Babu does look good and performs well to an extent as well, but is not able to deliver convincingly in the action scenes of the film that look flaky. Both the heroines are imperfect fits to the film, Nivetha Thomas’ romantic scenes with Sudheer are a complete misfit to the proceedings.

Music & Other Departments

V is blessed with outstanding cinematography by PG Vinda, who gives the film some excellent colours and also delivers great work with the framesets and the different locations that he has to deal with. But the film definitely deserved a better background score – Nani’s signature theme is blatantly lifted from a popular Tamil blockbuster.


The performance of Nani and the superb visuals of the film is what makes it lift above its actual weight on paper.


The writing in the film is poor and does not stand up to the worth of its high-budgeted visuals or even its cast.

Did I enjoy it?

No. The film did give my eyes a lot of good things to see, but there was nothing to do for my brain.

Do I recommend it?

Not quite. Amazon Prime continues its streak of delivering half-baked films that can have been so much better.

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