V Wars Review : Cast More Convincing Than Content

V Wars Review : Cast More Convincing Than Content
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If there’s one thing Hollywood has taught has, it is that everything happens in the USA, be it an attack from aliens in Mars, a zombie outrage, or increase in the number of vampires. The creators of The Vampire Diaries even managed to link the 1864 Civil War to the attack of vampires and witches.

V-Wars was basically another opportunity for Somerhalder fans to see him back in a vampire series again. He started an all-new different fanbase in The Vampire Diaries with his entrance, ‘Hello Brother’ and in V-Wars he starts his journey as reel life Leonardo DiCaprio who is an environmental activist widely concerned about the glacial melting without which the sinking of Titanic would have been impossible.

V Wars is dark and gritty, something more than what The Vampire Diaries used to be; it’s no longer about a teenage girl who becomes the victim for 150-year-old doppelganger ancestor and it’s definitely not about triangular love like Twilight or the above-mentioned series.

V-Wars became the space for Ian Somerhalder where he proved his worth as an actor. We loved him when we knew he could be a casanova in The Vampire Diaries, but in V-Wars we witness him as a scientist, who is vulnerable when he learns that his wife has turned into a dangerous vampire and she doesn’t even recognise her husband or her son. In an attempt to protect his not-yet vampire son, he stabs his newly turned vampire wife and that has earned him the tag of a wife-killer. Ian here is a scientist, a vulnerable father, a dear friend, a law-abiding citizen and an environmental activist who sometimes breaks down when the law fails to see him as the protective father.

V-Wars denies the basic creations of the vampire. They don’t get killed unless you stab them with a wooden stake, in the heart, and are affected by sun lights- that’s what vampire stories have told us through ages, in Brad Pitt’s Interview With The Vampire, Dracula and most recently The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies. In the first episode, we see vampire Michael Fayne walking in the sunlight when he tries to attack another woman, initially we were too intrigued to notice the mistake, but later when you think about it, you secretly say, oh at least he didn’t sparkle. Nevertheless, it was a mistake, makers should have noted earlier.

Even the birth of a vampire didn’t sound very convincing, at least not to those who have never studied an iota of biotechnology. It’s completely a different credit which the cast deserves for their ability to keep the series interesting for 10-long-episodes despite several loopholes. Director Brad Turner made their attempt in making a vampire story look real without the force of witches.

V Wars eventually takes a turn and finds adaptation from The Originals. Here again, we see a black man being the leader of Bloods, a group of vampires who have rules on whom to prey, no hurting kids, a specific rule Marcel from The Originals had for the vampires of New Orleans. The blood eventually humanises themselves and it is difficult to differ with them too since on all level it is very fictional.

V-Wars is not a human race versus vampire race, rather it is a story about the vampire race trying their best to expose the liars of the US government. They received support from Dr Luthan Swann, and secretly from Michael Fayne from the moors.

There are various shots of the moors, the jungles and the trees which urge you to remember the Cullens from Stephanie Myers Twilight saga.

Overall, V Wars remain a completely different vampire series which is more bent on exposing the evil side of the US government. Ian Somerhalder had been one of the celebrities who claimed that he would leave his residence at the US if Donald Trump ever becomes the President of the superpower nation, while there haven’t been any reports of him parting ways with his American residence, it seems he has taken a different route. Instead of running away from the country he may have used his influence to expose the evil practices of the nation.

With inclusions such as concentration camps, FBI, US government, Senator, Senate, and vampires, the content of V Wars seems to be a bit unconvincing, however, each and every member of the cast has basically adapted the non-believing script with a lot of dedication, that even with its pseudo noir presence, V Wars manages to remain interesting.

Ratings: 3/5 stars 

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