Vaazhl (2021) Review

A joyful experience packed with laughs, lovable characters and life lessons!

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Vaazhl (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Prakash (Pradeep) lives a monotonous life, working in an IT job, having personal problems of his own. After he runs into Yathramma, a distant relative who waves herself back into his life, his day-to-day boredom is wiped away and he goes on an adventure that changes his life and brings him back to the right way. 


Vaazhl is more of an experience driven by the writer-director Arun Prabhu’s vision, where he puts across some worthy messages in the most subtle manner possible. The film does not have a certain structure, but builds itself by stitching together one interesting event after the other. What starts off as a perfectly constructed tragicomedy later transcends barriers and becomes a travelogue, which is also inspiring and entertaining in its own ways. One has to appreciate Arun Prabhu for the smartness which he uses to blend the artistic style of the film along with the entertaining elements that keep us giggling from time to time. The way the characters come in and out of the screenplay is seamless too, and that’s what makes Vaazhl a very interesting film to watch, proving that Arun is no one film wonder. 


Pradeep, who plays the lead role of Prakash, has one of the most intriguing roles in the recent past to carry out, but one does feel that he is not at his 100% and could bring out a better side of himself later on in his career. TJ Bhanu has a fantastic presence onscreen and does a fabulous job in the portions that she comes into. The rest of the cast, though largely packed with unknown names, fit the bill perfectly. 

Music & Other Departments

Vaazhl indeed has one of the best cinematography that you can see in recent times, with the film’s cinematographer Shelley Calist really proving that every bit of experimentation with the lens is worth it. The film’s final stretch is packed with wallpaper-worthy frames that are sure to leave you in awe. Another big plus is Pradeep Kumar’s lilting score, which complements both the entertaining and enlightening parts of the film superbly. 


Vaazhl takes a genre less trod and does a good job with it, which is rare. 


The film’s constant zone of randomness and absurd set of events might put off a few. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This was quite an engrossing watch. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Vaazhl is definitely an enchanting experience on the whole, and will join the list of the best Tamil films hitting the marquee in 2021. 

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