Vannakkamda Mappilei (2021) Review

A long-drawn out comedy that suffers from a dearth of good jokes!

Vannakkamda Mappilei (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

GV Prakash and Danny are friends right from their childhood, and for some reason, they take a vow that they will get married together on the same stage. The entirety of the film moves forward on whether they do that right, or something else happens out of the way.


Vannakkamda Mappilei is a film that never takes itself seriously, and is solely concentrating on cracking lame jokes and trying to make the audience laugh at every turn. However, the film never lands its comics right, as it gets too busy with its slapstick lines and ripostes that rarely make us giggle. GV Prakash and Danny try their best to make the comedy work out with their conversations and body language, but not much works out. At the baseline, the storyline of the film in itself has nothing much to excite us, with the length working out to be another big minus as it runs for close to 167 minutes.


Rajesh’s films don’t have great performances as they mostly demand eccentric acts, and the best in the list is Pragathi who has done a great job as GVP’s mom. The whole cast has done a decent job overall, but there is nothing big to take home.

Music & Other Departments

GV Prakash’s music has a couple of peppy numbers, especially the opening song shot in the college backdrop is enjoyable as it has been done with just 3 takes on the whole. Otherwise, the film is technically functional at best.


A couple of scenes where you might laugh.


The comedy in the film mostly falls flat on its face.

Did I enjoy it?

No. Rajesh has truly lost his mojo and there are no signs of him finding it back.

Do I recommend it?

No. This is a film that you can overlook without doubts.

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