Virgin Bhanupriya Review: A sloppy, spiritless film that deserves to be overlooked!

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Virgin Bhanupriya Review: A sloppy, spiritless film that deserves to be overlooked!
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Bhanupriya, a conservative girl decides to lose her virginity but fails in her every attempt. A soothsayer predicts that it is an impossible task and it will not happen to her. She decides to overcome this bad luck.

Format: Film
Platform: Zee5 
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 16 July 2020


Urvashi Rautela stars in Virgin Bhanupriya, which marks Ajay Lohan’s directorial debut. The Zee5 original is a dramedy that also has Gautam Gulati and Rumana Molla in the cast.

What’s the story about?
Bhanupriya (Urvashi Rautela) is a well-behaved girl who has a good family and a fair set of friends. However, one thing that has been disturbing her ever since her teen days is the fact that she hasn’t yet lost her virginity, even though she is already past her mid-twenties. With the problem escalating through her family as well, the film looks at her story from various angles.

Virgin Bhanupriya is easily the laziest and sloppiest work I’ve seen in recent times. Director Ajay Lohan could have made great shakes with the bold concept that he decided to take up, but he makes a mockery by putting together this utterly useless, so-called comedy flick that makes bad jokes at every turn and fails to deliver even a single good moment. ‘It is virginity. Not Rajinikanth’s bones, to not break’ is the literal translation of one of the dialogues in the film, and the ones that come before and after this aren’t any better. There’s only one award that this film could contend for, and it is the award for the worst film released this year.

There is absolutely nothing to say about the performances in the film, which come in straight out of the cheap and amateur films that we might have come across. For anybody looking for good performances here, the search will continue forever.

Music and other departments
Urvashi Rautela gets to flaunt herself in one of the beach songs in the film. But for the decent tune that it has, the best thing the makers could have done was to release the song alone, directly on YouTube. It adds no value to the film, along with the other technical aspects.

Nothing at all.

Everything in this film is flawed, so pick any segment of your choice.

Did I enjoy it?
Not even a bit. It is the worst film I have seen this year.

Do I recommend it?
No. Please skip this film and save yourselves two hours of your precious time.



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