Virgin Bhasskar Review – Another adult comedy that bites the dust

Virgin Bhasskar Review – Another adult comedy that bites the dust
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Well, the good morals state, one only loses their virginity on the first night of one's wedding (just like in the Netflix original, Jane the Virgin). But as times move on, people and their thoughts change. Virgin Bhasskar, a ZEE5 and AltBalaji original, is just another, watching under the sheets, sleazy, adult comedy. So, Virgin Bhasskar is very predictable. It is about a 27-year-old Bhasskar Tripathi, who has come to Banaras to prepare for his UPSC exam. Sex is venerated and celebrated in the pious land of the holy Ganga. And this young man, much to his friends Rohan (Himanshu Arora) and Misraji’s (Dharmendra Kumar Tiwari) dismay, is still a virgin. For Bhasskar’s friends, it isn’t exactly about joining the league of those who’ve lost their virginity, but it is about the biological clock that is young and ticking in the present day and would die its slow death upon ageing and getting married. Bhasskar bumps into the sultry looking Vidhi Pandey (Rutpanna Aishwariya). He’s got all starry-eyed in her presence, Vidhi being the bold woman that she is; starts by taking a ride from Bhasskar, and putting him in his place all the same. Being the bold woman that she is, she invites herself over to Bhasskar’s place, while his friends Rohan and Misraji are around. They encourage Bhasskar to take a step in the direction, but Bhasskar takes his own sweet time. The very first time he tries to kiss Vidhi, she slaps him hard and leaves him feeling terrible about what he was doing. But Vidhi sees some goodness in the lad and gives him one more chance. The next time she is over Bhasskar calls for some dinner, and they sit to watch some romantic film. As the scenes get steamy, Bhasskar finds it increasingly hard to control himself. So what happens next? Does he lose his virginity? As much as we crib, the plot is very cute and relatable. Didn’t we all find ourselves going out of control on meeting with that cute boy/girl when in college? However, what I find rather insane is the openness and the sleaze factor that is indeed extreme here. The plot is slightly repetitive, and though they’ve introduced a parallel plot, the writer could have been a little more mindful of the same, to come up with something more intelligible to suit the plot. The language is well…. What should I say….? Absolutely out of my league? But expected, and true to the standards of growing OTT viewership.

Rating: 1.5/5

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