WandaVision Review

A spooky, smartly mounted series that makes for a good new start in the MCU!

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WandaVision Review
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WandaVision is the first of many origin stories that MCU is bringing through the Disney+ platform, in the form of web series. The finale of the first season premiered on the 5th of March.

What is the story about?

WandaVision tells us the story of a newly married couple in Wanda and Vision, who take off a new lease of life at their new home. However, all is not well as they keep running into troubles at home, by the means of guests, neighbours and friends who bring in the negative vibes. Wanda and Vision try their best to make things alright, but trouble comes big in unexpected ways which makes them test their own existence. 


After loving these two characters in the numerous amount of Marvel films that we have all seen, it is quite cool to get closer to their lives and take a look at the journey they had come through. On another day, Marvel would have decided to bring about WandaVision as a regular, straightforward story that brings about the relationship between the couple and their journey. But interestingly, they have picked up an experimental route for the story, and narrate it in a very intriguing manner as well. The first two episodes do give us a very confused feeling of what is going on, but the reveals that start dropping from the third episode onwards are something that keep piquing our interest towards the show. WandaVision’s biggest success is in how it joins together the dots and complicates a simple story quite beautifully, but that doesn’t come in the form of few humps and bumps in the narrative that do bring in an occasional lag. 


Elizabeth Olsen is arguably the star of the show. The series is indeed about her story and her struggle in the world, and she pulls of a magnificent performance that makes it so hard to take our eyes off her in the entirety of the show. Paul Bettany does his best and continues his fluency from the Marvel films into this series as well, but it is really the women in the supporting cast who help this fly higher – Kathryn Hahn and Teyonah Parris are true assets to the show, and one will realize their value as their weightage in the storyline keeps increasing with every passing episode. 

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WandaVision is a successful experiment in terms of its visuals, especially the way in which different aspect ratios and color patterns have been smartly used to depict different sides of the story. 


Elizabeth Olsen’s class act along with the intriguing twists make this worth a watch. 


The series does not live up to the usual excitement that a Marvel product possesses, and is quite happy to experiment within limited grounds. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. And if you are a Marvel fan like me, this one is definitely worth 324 minutes of your time. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Though it could have been way better, this is an interesting origin story that will make you ask questions and then answer them all. 

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