Warriors, Behind-the-scenes!

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Warriors, Behind-the-scenes!

An ode to the men and women behind the scenes, the ones who turn tiny ideas into big experiences; who work days and nights to turn dreams into reality, and make it work no matter what!

“A lot goes into making a story come alive”. Right from the time, a story is penned down on a paper until it hit the floors for the shoot then finally arrive on different tables of post-production. The entertainment industry generates thousands of jobs supporting millions of families. 
Conceptualizing a small idea into a full-blown film or a series is an art itself and something which creates the very foundation. Screenwriters work diligently to build a narration structure which defines the story. Filmmakers hire dedicated screenwriters, or the directors themselves double up as screenwriters. The latter is a common case in regional cinema. Storyboard artists come into play once the screenplay is ready. They bring the scenes and characters into existence with their sketches which literally helps the other partnering technicians during the production and post-production of a story. Thus becoming a vital part of driving the process of filmmaking to the next stage. 
Cinematographers, Art directors, Music directors and Editors become the four pillars who render the complete structure to a film. The buck doesn’t stop there; multiple assistants who follow these pillars have strengthened them unconditionally. The art and camera assistants, light men, gaffers, focus pullers, make-up artists, stylists, costume designers and the production staff, each and every one of them drive each other to their extremes to get one perfect shot which the director visualized. On a production set, a director’s vision is shared by multiple technicians who strive to make it happen against all odds. But there’s a team of assistant directors who handle it all bringing it in an order adhering to the director’s vision. Assistant directors are future content creators who learn the ropes right from the basics enriching their knowledge in filmmaking.
With the advancing technology, filmmakers are given the opportunity to explore avenues breaking the barriers. VFX artists have pushed the boundaries in the last decade and put the Indian films on the global map competing with their international counterparts. For instance the recently released Netflix’s original web series “Betaal” had the best prosthetics done clubbed with amazing VFX which was backed with a brilliant sound mix. 
Despite all the challenges, the technicians and storytellers behind the scenes go to extreme lengths in bringing quality entertainment to the audience. Especially during these trying times, their hard work made us sail through the pandemic. We turned to artists who shaped up entertainment which gave us hope of existence and put a smile on our faces. Majority of the technicians and artists are struggling at the moment to make their ends meet as their only source of income is hanging by a thin thread. 

We at Let’s OTT take this opportunity in appreciating efforts of all those heroes who have been part of this magical industry.

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