We are the Wave Review - Of the fine line between revolution and hooliganism

We are the Wave Review - Of the fine line between revolution and hooliganism
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Off late, the debate surrounding nationalism, patriotism is among the most talked about topics on social media. In the six-episode series, ‘We are the Wave’, we witness a cadre of high school students who take action against the rising tide of nationalism that has gripped Germany. The teenagers get deluded by the idea of standing up against established orders, but only the viewers (probably) realise that these deluded children have only ended up being rebels without causes. In 1916 the movement named Dadaism started in Zurich. It was a movement which generated out of the frustration that came from the First World War. The Dada movement aimed to destroy structure, language, culture, art. It was anti-development, against the idea of establishment and everything which existed before World War One. In 1922, when the movement slightly got diluted, it gave rise to surrealism. Even now, academicians have mentioned that this movement was nothing but pure destruction. Similarly, the teenagers in We Are The Wave are deluded by the idea of revolution but hardly do they have any idea, that in their methods, they are no different from what they are claiming to be enemies. We Are The Wave might be a great watch for political liberals who believe that there has been a rise of fascism in superpower countries. Fascism. This is a term that has been used quite loosely by politicians, academicians and various influencers. Fascism describes a time when the opposition is not allowed to speak, it even goes to the extent of control, what job the citizens of the country will do. Guns are not always the answer. When Brutus stabbed Caesar out of fear that he might turn into a dictator someday, despite his nobility, he was criticized for participating in an act, expected from a fascist. The idea of We Are the Wave is romantic and it is bound to resonate with the younger generation. Let’s hope they understand that the order of establishment isn’t always a bad construction. Rating: 3/5

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