We Can Be Heroes Review

Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes can never be heroes!

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We Can Be Heroes Review
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What is the story about?

When an unprecedented attack strikes the planet earth, the alien invaders kidnap the Earth’s superheroes, leaving the planet in despair. But their children team up and learn to work as a team in order to save their parents and the world itself. The film serves as a stand-alone sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D (2005). The film is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.


This direct sequel is as disastrous as its predecessor that has no regard for story, screenplay, or direction. It pulls every string possible and gets too crowded making the film a cluttered mess. We Can be Heroes tries hard to be a candy floss Avengers but fails miserably with a poorly written script that has no imagination at all. It tries to borrow many aspects from other films especially from the stupendous Pixar’s The Incredibles. But what the animated film achieved worldwide, I doubt this live-action film can even manage a bit of it. And yes it does have an appeal to the younger audience, and if Netflix's focus target is them then this film will be a hit during this holiday season. As a film, it’s too confused itself to which category it belonged. It tried its hand on every possible and fall flat depending on the stale gags.

The Gen-Z superhero film may work on Nickelodeon and will lure the youngest kids and keep them bay for 100 minutes.


There’s nothing you can much expect in terms of performances with this film. It pretty much dumbs down in that department. We get to see a lot of great names in the cast line-up but they’re just reduced to eye-candy stuffed into ridiculously designed superhero costumes. Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook, Christian Slater to name a few from a slew of actors who appear in the film for the sake of it. And if you think Baywatch was Priyanka Chopra’s worst performance, then this film will surprise you.

As a consolation, the younger cast manages to make an impression with at least a couple of actors who seemed invested and funny. One among them is Vivien Lyra Blair (Guppy) who really cracks you up in this stale film that tries hard to make you laugh. And of course, YaYa Gosselin manages to sail through with her commendable performance.

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With this particular film I believe Netflix was on a stringent budget. The VFX was awful and so dated that your screen starts to produce colors that you may have not seen before. It’s too glossy that your eye hurts. And if you see the credits read, written, directed, shot, and edited by Robert Rodriguez. Well, he had a little too much on his plate. May one of the reasons this superhero film fell flat on its face.   


A handful of gags and the charm of Vivien Lyra Blair (Guppy).


Poorly constructed script with no room for imagination puts a potential holiday film to an immediate rest. Poor VFX and editing make the film all the more sluggish.

Did I enjoy it?

I did not.

Do I recommend it?

I wouldn’t recommend it to the adults. But you can play this film to your kids who would enjoy it the most and you may get 100 minutes of me-time whilst they’re busy watching We Can Be Heroes.

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