What Happened to Mr. Cha? Movie Review

What Happened to Mr. Cha? Revels in over-confidence letting down its premise.

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What Happened to Mr. Cha? Movie Review
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What is the story about?

It’s a fictionalized version of Cha In-pyo playing himself as a washed-up Korean film star who is self-obsessed and fails to see his present value. But life gives him another chance to reflect when it forces him to face who he’s become. The film is directed by Kim Dong-kyu


The film has a simple agenda and sticks to it without wavering. But what began as a satire about the film industry culture soon becomes a little weary a few minutes into the film. As the premise was limited to a location, the writers did little less to play around with the script than bringing in more drama and comedy to it. No that it was dry, but it was losing its grip. But the actors manage to keep it sane. Another conflict that gets introduced later in the film could’ve been the selling point and the writers could’ve learned a bit more about it. But that kind of gets lost just as the traits of its lead character that is self-obsessed and stuck up. The story starts to feel a bit overconfident along the way and starts to lose its integrity with which it started.


The premise called for an obnoxious character and you get to see the same on-screen. Cha In-pyo who plays himself in a fictionalized role of himself does perfect justice to it. A stuck-up artist who thinks can get away with simple gestures done by him which is adored by his fans to date. Following in his steps we see A-ram (Cho Dal-hwan), who plays Cha In-pyo’s manager brings a good amount of humor to the table and makes it worthwhile. The comedy was given with the premise and the actors did the best to keep it alive.


Music & Other Departments

The film was constrained to a single location for most of the time; the technical team was spot on with their skills. The cinematography, background score, and editing were sharp keeping the film on a tight leash.


The actors’ performances and the effortless comedy which slips in organically make it worthwhile.



The satirical drama gets carried away and doesn’t work up to explore more by bringing in more drama the script demanded. Rather it lays back and revels in overconfidence. Thus making it an average affair than a witty outing.

Did I enjoy it?

I did. And I’m sure you’d enjoy it too.

Do I recommend it?

If you’re into Korean dramas this may appeal to you. But if you’re just exploring to watch something of Korean dramas for the first time, then this is not your film. There are better options.

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