What the LOVE Review – Seriously?????

What the LOVE Review – Seriously?????
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‘What the Love’! Well, for starters, this is the worst title one could pick on for a show that is going to go out on an esteemed platform like Netflix!  The show had its first season comprising of seven episodes go up on the 30th of January 2020. 

To think of it, it is a show that is well-devised for a lot of people who’ve lucked out on love for a number of possible reasons (I wonder if there was a survey that was taken to come up with some of these possible reasons). The show gives people the impetus to tap inward, and rid themselves of the roadblock that could be putting a plausible end to the hope of them growing in their relationship. Great concept, but well, it isn’t exactly organically styled! 

As for Karan Johar, he is a man who won't exactly like to get invasive, and when he plays that part it simply jolts you! It seems like he is putting on an act and honestly it doesn’t suit him. There are times where there is a certain annoyance that creeps seems to surface while he subtly mocks at a contestant. However, I must add that he is a good judge of people and can seamlessly identify a strong character from a weak one, and artfully works his way towards getting each of the contestants to strike an equilibrium. But yes, he ain’t a certified LOVE GURU and can never take charge of that role. That’s just not the place for him! 

There was a similar show titled ‘Skulls and Roses’, which airs on Amazon Prime. However, what I’ve loved about this show is they’ve accorded to the times and have thrown in the same-sex aspect as well. Interestingly they have dealt with the gay and lesbian counterparts just as normally as they have with the other contestants. They haven’t tried to hide anything from the audiences there, encouraging a lot of people to get out of the box and talk of their sexual preferences more openly.

Also, the show delivers its contestants and end-users alike to practical solutions, rather than asking them to dance on thin ice as in ‘Skulls and Roses’.

The stylist seemed a lot more practical and evolved in their ways as compared to Karan Johar himself. Their interaction with the contestants was quite mature and nowhere near demeaning.

The show has everything that a young millennial needs when they’re scouting out for love. It's interesting how he makes people believe that confidence also goes a few notches higher if the person dresses right or carries themselves right.

But in spite of all the plusses, the show could have a more ‘with it’ host! Karan Johar strutted his effeminate ways but was really not himself. He did his bit of interacting with the youngsters, but it really looked so plastic! 

Overall I am certain you could stop right in the middle of the series, and a 2/5 would go just right for a brilliantly conceptualized reality show, that goes wrong because of the host. 

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