Whispers Review – A hyperlink series with well-written character that looks more like a stage play, but has commendable twists

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Whispers Review – A hyperlink series with  well-written character that looks more like a stage play, but has commendable twists
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The series tells the story of a family who faces the death of the family patriarch, Hassan, whose mysterious past resurfaces days before the expected launch of his company’s new smart application. The story develops from the different perspectives of the series’ protagonists and examines many social issues, such as family feuds and struggles brought forth by the business world.

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Language: Arabic
Digital Premiere Date: 11 June 2020


What’s it all about?
The series opens with the death of a top league entrepreneur, Hassan in an accident, few days ahead of his company’s new smart application. With his wife and daughters drenched in grief, they encounter a shocking moment of receiving calls from the deceased man’s mobile with unclear voices and few photographs that reveals his hidden life. The mystery doesn’t strike them alone, as his estranged sister and business partner experience the same. With power and money involved, the individuals start doubting that Hassan’s death could be a premeditated murder and one among them could be the reason.


‘Whispers’ proves to be a ‘Black Horse’ among the current releases for it owns a unique tale to narrate. The tales from this region have been inclined to the stereotypical traditions and this one looks completely fresh. The team of writers and filmmaker Hana Al Omair deserves special appreciations indeed. When it comes to writing, it’s blatantly evident that the team has gone through a scrupulous phase of crafting the story. When it comes to the ‘Hyperlink’ paradigm, it needs to be well equipped with detailing, and if even a small misplay would ruin the entire drama. On the flip side, the same aspect does install a sort of tediousness, especially if you’re into binge watch. On a positive front, we’re drawn into the plot by the initial moments itself. The way the clue opens up at the end of each episode urges us to go for a binge-watch. But the final episode remains as the icing of the cake, where all the stories get connected with an open ending that leaves us to crave for more. Most of the dialogues are bounded to practical and personal issues of the character and it fails to connect the audiences emotionally. Except for the conversations that happen between the patriarchal head and Khaled during the penultimate sequence before the final episode, nothing captures our attention.
With the series comprising of well-written characters, the actors don’t miss to give in their best works. Among all the actors, it’s Leila Arabi, playing the role of Samar and Elham Ali as Lama, who keep the spotlights upon them throughout the show. Mysoon Alruwaily’s role as Arwa finds more significance only by the initial moments and then she fades away from the play with other characters finding its prominence. Of course, it’s a hyperlink based plot and all actors get their due importance equally. Ali Al-Sharif as Khaled, the one, who arrives lately in time, but a key to all secrets expresses his calmness and emotions perfectly.

Technical aspects
Incisively, as mentioned in the analysis, ‘Whispers’ distinctly exhibit the newfangled traits in its presentation. When it comes to technical aspects, the art department becomes the first on the list to gain our recognition. Although it might look like an extravagant fare with too many decorative pieces of stuff, it does offer a resplendent touch and that’s the only brightest trait in this dark-thriller. Getting on with other aspects, ‘Whispers’ has nothing exceptional about music, but the music director Khaled gets to score more during the final episode that encompasses emotions. When it comes to cinematography, it remains mediocre and there’s nothing special to mention about it. Maybe, it looks like the creators were pretty confident that it’s the narrative part, which is going to be the major intriguing ingredient.

It’s the commendable screenplay that keeps you completely adhered to the premise, especially for the clues that pop up at the end of each episode.

Although the hyperlink concept is worthy of appreciations, it does push us into boredom to see the repeated play over and again. Music could have been better.
Did I like it?
Yes! For the twist ‘n’ surprise elements
Would I recommend it?
Yup! It’s a different stroke from the Arabic region, which remains alienated from its routine dramas with traditional plots, it delivers regularly.


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