Who killed MALCOM X Review – The truth is unveiled

Who killed MALCOM X Review – The truth is unveiled
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Justice forms the very basis of democracy, and if it isn’t delivered right, there are people who genuinely take matters in their hand; rake the dead and unearth reality. ‘Who Killed Malcolm X’ is a Netflix original that is premised around the mysterious assassination of Malcolm X death. 5 masked men gunned him down at his event at the Audobon Ballroom in the Newark city on the 21 st of February 1965. The series is a six-part documentary that released on the 7th of February 2020.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and Malcolm's fans went out to attend his speech. He was quite an orator, who moved the black community to fight for their rights. He believed that constitutional rights were equal for one and all, and the bias did little to alleviate the stance of the black community. While most people from the black race suffered in silence, there were people like Malcolm X who rose to fight for the cause of his people irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Today he forms the bedrock of all the racist movements in the United States.

When one watches the series it is noted that after the incident that took place at the Audobon Ballroom that Sunday, there were no cops at the crime scene. There was little effort made to toothcomb the scene of the crime, as the venue was to be cleared out for a certain ballroom event that evening. The homicide made an effort to gather enough number of images from the scene of the crime and gather relevant proof, but there wasn’t enough work done to delve into the truth of the matter. Later the homicide recklessly nabbed Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Jhonson from Malcolm X former mosque in Harlem.

On the death of Malcolm X, the spotlight shifted to the great Elijah Mohammed, the prophet who literally formed a para-system in the United States, largely comprising of the black population. There were many who thought that Malcolm X lusted the attention of the media, and his fast-growing popularity in the black community compelled Elijah Mohammed to kill Malcolm X.

As the documentary progresses, we learn that Mr Casolaro has given his life to the case. He has literally breathed the case and move well into the Islamic circles to unveil the ways and the teachings of Elijah Mohammed. After communicating with people he has gathered evidence little by little bit by bit and has created this documentary that is rich with archival media, giving the oblivious masses a detailed insight on who was Malcolm X, and how his existence mattered to the black community even to today's day.

The documentary is progressive and takes a pace that redefines consistency at every level. Each episode progressively replies to all the questions that are delivered using the archival content as proof. The writer seems to be automatically answering the question the viewer could possibly have at every level of the investigation.

Even today the murder’s are moving scot-free and have disappeared into the tapestry as designed by the famous Elijah Mohammed after changing their names.

The proof is watered down. But the documentary has compelled the government to reopen the case and look into the same with greater detail, as it has undeservingly impacted the lives of the innocent convicts, who haven’t even committed the crime.

Rating: 4/5

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