Who's Your Daddy Season 2 Review

As pointless as a blunt pencil

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Who's Your Daddy Season 2 Review
ALT Balaji,Zee5
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What is the story about?

Shoosha is a young college student who was raised in an orphanage. He attends college in the day and earns a living by delivering pizzas and by being a masseuse in a spa. He is in search of his birth father who had abandoned him and his mother. He falls in love with fellow college student Sukoon, but is shocked to see her father. He has a photograph of his mother with Sukoon's father and he realises that Sukoon's father, Mohak could be his birth father as well. Chaos ensues, as Sukoon and Shoosha like each other, but a DNA test proves Mohak is Shoosha's father. Is Mohak really Shoosha's father or did someone tamper with the DNA test, that follows the crux of the story.


For some reason Who's Your Daddy Season 2 reminded me a lot of Say It Isn't So, where the lead fall in love and later discover they could be half-siblings. However, it has neither humour nor chemistry nor the innocence of a young couple in love. Like most of the series, Who's Your Daddy Season 2 is too, based in the Hindi heartland. But, Who's Your Daddy simply doesn't seem interesting at all. It has a good plot on paper, but somehow the execution fails. The humour and jokes seem forced, the actors don't seem convincing enough to carry on a comic caper. The series from episode 1 to 10 doesn't move ahead when it comes to the pacing and content. You can pick and watch any episode in the series and it would seem like the characters are pretty much doing the same thing over and over again. The last two episodes do seem to pick a little pace, but the series ends extremely abruptly, without any explanations. If it doesn't get picked for a season three, people who invested their time in watching this show would be mighty pissed.


We gather that the show has newcomers such as Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud, who pretty much have a long way to go. They seem to have done an effort, but it doesn't have to have an impact. It was great seeing Mamik and Vidya Malavade on the screen. They pretty much salvage the series and take control of the haphazard narrative. They have a lot of chemistry and their coming timing is also perfect. They fit the roles of the typical middle-aged Delhi couple going through a crisis.

Music & Other Departments

The series has some funky Punjabi songs being played in the background, which seem to be in tune with the flow. The script isn't impressive. The screenplay and production quality are simply not up to the standards of any other Zee5 or AltBalaji show.


None at all.


Even though the episodes are 20+ minutes each, they still seem slow. There is a lot of disconnect in the show and a lot of scenes have been added with no causal explanation. When the focus should have been on Shoosha and his quest for his father, the other sub-plots simply ruin the show.

Did I enjoy it?

No. I wouldn't go near this show with a barge-pole.

Do I recommend it?

No, not at all. But if you want to see the talented Mamik and the gorgeous Vidya Malavade onscreen, then you might want to watch it. 

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